Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Fifty-Two: A Whole Lot of Nothing

It's my first Saturday night off in months, and what have I been doing? Laundry. For the past few hours, I've been cleaning, because well, I don't really have the time when I am working. Yep, I'm not at some exclusive club, but doing laundry and watching Grey's Anatomy. Pitiful? Nope. Fantastic? You betcha!

Although I did work this morning, and upon approaching one of my first tables, I did my standard introduction.

"Hey there guys, welcome to [name of my restaurant], could I get you something to drink?"

The family looked directly at me, making eye contact, and replied...
"Chips and queso".

Umm...I was asking about drinks. I explained this fact, and they slowly blinked some more.

"Oh, why didn't you say that?"

Dear patrons, freaking listen when I'm talking! Chances are, it's in your benefit. I'm not hovering because I want to make a new friend. I'm hovering beceause I just want to know what the hell you want to drink!

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