Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Thirty-Seven:A renewed spirit

So, I requested that one of my former professors write me a letter of recommendation for Graduate School. Throughout the semester, I thought this professor liked me. The instructor graded me fairly, and I passed the class. I never spoke out of turn, and I always attended lectures. When I requested the professor's recommendation, the teacher turned me down. Why? Because they felt I wouldn't have been successful in Graduate School. To the teacher, my writing was some of the worst they'd seen in years, and absolutely abhorrent. Rather than giving me constructive criticism, the teacher dismissed me, believing I was a lost cause.

It is things like that that motivate me to continue learning, to continue trying, and to continue proving people wrong. Dear reader, I will still be here for the duration of Project 365. I will fight, and continue to prove people wrong. Stick around for more.

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