Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Twenty-Seven.-Hooters and Feminism in the Workplace

There is no question that being a female in the service industry means that we're treated differently than males. Men are stronger and able to work longer than women, it's not sexist, it's mere fact. With that said, I haven't really run into any issues, until tonight.

I was bartending, and a man came up to order a drink and have dinner. The other bartender with me, informed me that he was a regular, even knowing my coworker by name. I'm relatively new to bartending, so I don't know all of the regulars yet. My fellow bartender knew the regular so I let him take the lead and talk with him. After a few minutes of making drinks and helping other customers the man motions for me to come over to him.

Man: "You know, you're really pretty. You should smile a lot more, then you'd be beautiful. "

I attempted to play it off.

Me: "Thanks for tip sir".

Man: "Now don't be offended! (Name of my coworker) said you're new to bartending. You know, you could get really good tips if you smile more. You know! Show off your assets! (His eyes lingering towards my chest)."

I shuttered, knowing that he was on a roll. I forced a laugh and tried to go back to work. A few minutes later, I was having trouble opening a wine bottle, and he called my coworker over to help me.

Man: "(Name of my coworker)come over here and help this damsel in distress! She needs a strong man to show her how to do things. (Winking at me)".

It should be noted that by this point the man had had several beers, causing people to stare. My coworker opened the bottle, the man continued.

Man: "See! You just gotta bat those eyelashes, and wiggle those hips and men will be at full attention".

By the end of the night he paid his tab, tipping $2 on a twenty dollar ticket. Two dollars all so I could be demeaned the entire night. Never in my two years of waiting tables have I ever felt so disgusted for being a woman in the service industry. The man was demeaning towards my education, my physical attributes, and towards my own gender.

After tonight, I really feel for the girls who work at Hooters. They have to deal with skeevy guests, and wear those awful orange shorts.


  1. Wow girl love this post! You're a bartender cool! Where at? Your job before GH?

  2. That. is very annoying. I probably would have left the area... I don't know how people can be so disrespectful.