Friday, January 7, 2011

Day Thirty-One.-Pick A Soda, Any Soda

Today, I waited on a young family. When children order off of the children's menu, they are allowed to have a fountain drink of their choice. Today, the parents asked the children what they wanted to drink.

Child 1:, and coke!
I looked at the parents to see if the kid was joking, and his sister piped up.
Child 2: Oh...oh, um I want chocolate milk, and Dr. Pepper, and apple juice!

I looked to the parents, waiting for them to reprimand their children and tell them to settle on one soda. But alas, the parents fell to their children's every whim and I was forced to refill their drinks constantly.


They would throw their plastic cups to the floor, folding their arms in triumph. In the end, the little boy had four cokes, one milk, and three lemonades. The little girl had one apple juice, three Dr. Peppers, and three chocolate milks. This dear readers, is how juvenile diabetes is born.

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