Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day Thirty-Three.-Graduate School Saga

So, I've offically applied to Grad School, so for the next six weeks, I'll be a nervous wreck until I receive word if I got in.

The monologue had been going on for ten solid minutes, and Jacob couldn't tell if it was a comedy or a tragedy. He stood behind the camera feeling his jaw slowly open further. Mute, he had no choice but to zoom in on the woman's very feature, as she continued speaking in Greek.
“ Έφυγε μου! Τι μπορώ να κάνω; Μου κόσμο έχει τελειώσει!”
The woman was tan, and a thin layer of fat rolled over the hem of her pants from her exposed stomach. Her makeup was streaking, partly from her over-the-top acting, but more from the scorching Texas heat. The film's director had chosen the hottest month of the year to shoot the film.
Jacob felt his thoughts begin to wonder, and he realized held quiet reservations about the foreign film he agreed to be a part of. As the only native English speaker, he was extremely out of place. As a senior in art school, he wondered if this is what his future held.
Suddenly, another woman stepped into the frame of the shot, and the protagonist began screaming expletives in Greek.
“Πώς τολμά να πάρετε μου άνθρωπο μακριά από εμένα. Τέρας σας!”

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