Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Fifty: The Menu Isn't Made of Unicorn Dust

Can I say that I hate people who come in, thinking they're gonna create a brand new menu. The menu is there for a reason. It's to help the kitchen make the food efficiently, and so I don't freaking lose my mind from all of the modifiers.

Example from a few days ago: "I'll have a chicken sandwich, but instead of grilled chicken I want fried chicken. While you're at it, toss the chicken in buffalo sauce. No lettuce or tomato. Grill the onion, and add mushroom. Grill those too."

Of course the kitchen hates me, because its the most modified freaking order, the patron comes to hate me too.

"Where's my food???". Well, if you ordered from the goddamned menu, instead of playing chef your food would be here.

When the food finally did arrive, the patron had the sheer gall to smere that sucker in ranch. Next time, wave your magic wand down to McDonalds.

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