Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Forty-Nine: Adventures South of the Border

The other day, I had these two hombres come in before closing. I say hombres, because they barely spoke english. I'm not being racist in any regards, but I didn't start getting annoyed until later. They only drank, and the entire time, they stared at me. One might think I was paranoid, and just happened to think they were staring; but then they started talking in Spanish. Loudly. In school, Spanish is my minor, so I could freaking understand everyting. They started talking about what they wanted to do to me.

Deseo tomar su hogar, la doblo encima, y la cojo.

You get the picture. I shot them nasty looks,and they wondered if I could hear them. Yes asshats, I know your language. You know, the language of beauty, not disgusting sex phrases.

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