Monday, December 27, 2010

Day Twenty.-The Mad Hatter Came to Dinner

Yes, that's right, the Mad Hatter came to dinner. The man had wild hair, crooked teeth and a nervous tick. He was joined by his four-hundred pound girlfriend (not embellishing here). Where upon they both grinned at me like Cheshire cats for the entirety of their meal. Their friendliness was just downright creepy. The creep factor rose when they both ordered two entrees a piece.

While waiting for their meal(s) to arrive, the couple decided to partake in exercising their strange love. That's right, they made out at the table. The Mad Hatter even managed to feel his lady friend up, getting some major boob action.

Once their food arrived they cleaned their plates within minutes, even going as far as licking the plate. That's when it hit me. They're high. That would be the most logical explanation for the strange behavior.

In the end, they managed to run up a forty dollar tab, only leaving me a buck.

Thanks freaks, go creep someone else out next time.

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