Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day Eleven.-Loss of Humanity and Happy Holidays

I'll never understand what compels people to treat complete strangers like scum. Christmas is in one week, and humanity doesn't act like it. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the winter holiday is a time to spend with friends and family. It's been said that this is the time of year that 'we all treat each other a little bit better'. Bullshit. Waiting tables is a perfect example. Sure, people treat their friends and family better, but they don't treat members of the service industry any better.

Example: Today, during shift change there were only a handful of servers on the floor, and we were slammed. At my peak, I had six table, thus, very busy. I was exhausted, but I managed to keep up with the tables (drinks, appetizers, salads). I was dropping off the check for one table, when another table frantically flagged me down. I groaned, what could have been wrong? Drinks were full, their food had just come out, and I had just on them. I faked a smile and asked how they were doing. The man of the table spoke up.

Jerk: Umm, can you clear these plates? I mean how hard is it to clear these plates off? (NOTE: It was two plates. Not a tower of dishes). I thought you forgot about us. Where have you been?
Me: Well, sir, I have five other tables. I apologize for not clearing them sooner.
Jerk: How can you call yourself a waitress? How hard can this be?

I bit my tongue and cleared the plates. After snapping at me, he turned back to his family as if nothing had happened.

I believe that the ultimate test in humanity is how society treats complete strangers. Smile to the UPS driver, or tell the checkout cashier at the grocery store to have a good day. I'm not asking society to inherently change, I'm merely asking that society reexamine their behavior.

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