Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Eight.-The cast of characters

I've complied a list of the 'Cast of Characters' that I frequently come across in my job waiting tables. This will easier for the reader to reference later. Rather than divulging into their attributes each individual time, it's all listed here.


Monocle Manager: This is a manager who always plays it safe. He always follows the rules to the tee. Any request to be the rules, or make acceptations is completely unacceptable. Monocle manager never shows emotion and rarely smiles. Although he wears glasses, I believe a monocle would fit is character better (I can just imagine him walking around adjust him monocle and musing, 'yesss'). He is so serious that when the kitchen is getting hit during the dinner rush, the man falls back into a coping mechanism and sweeps the floor. This baffles the servers, and he refuses to take action, because that would require leadership.

Badass Manager: She can kick your ass. Although her techniques may not be liked by everybody, she has the ability to get things done. She's tough, and she is knowledgeable in the kitchen. After working her way through the ranks, she can run a kitchen in her early 20s.

Fedup Manger: This is a manager who mentally checked out months ago. Although he holds glimmering instances of clarity, he generally is too tired to care. He's an awesome manager who'll listen and he's incredibly knowledgeable in the kitchen. The servers love him, and he's the easiest to come to with problems. But, through circumstance he's grow too tired to care.

BOH-Kitchen Staff (generally as a whole): When the BOH is on top of things, they rock. Food comes out hot, quick and good. But, when their down, man, do they fall. Food will come back cold. Fish would come back raw. The BOH would run 20-25 minute ticket times. As a woman, I hate going to the BOH for things.
1.) They whistle and cat-call
2.) They're generally dicks about food, refusing to admit that they fucked up.

Servers: (Please note, this is not everyone. I'm merely listing the one's who stand out to me)

The Stoner: He or she feels compelled to come to work high. Their eyes are usually watery, and they smile-alot. This hinders Stoner to wait on his tables, and he gets confused easily. Management either doesn't know or care to address the issue.

The Drunk: He or she feels compelled to come to work drunk. This one is easier to spot (and smell). Their behavior is erratic, and it hinders them in their ability to wait on their tables. Management either doesn't know or care to address the issue.

The Jock: Jock feels like because he has muscles he can get better treatment from others. The women love the muscles, but generally, I think he's a pretenious asshole. His vocabulary consists of dude and bro. His excuse for being late to work today? (Well, I was at the gym workin' my quads and I was in the zone! I just lost track of time. Sorry bro!).

The Blonde: Blonde is perky, cute and bubbly. Tables love her because she is adorable. It's always hilarious to hear her talk, because regardless of what she says, it sounds like she's asking a question. (Hi there (?). Here's your napkinsss(?)). I'm also secretly jealous because she's hotter than me.

The Day Job: Day job is quick to let it be known that waiting tables isn't his only job. He does this to get extra money, and he feels compelled to let everybody know that he's above waiting tables.

The Flirt: Flirt will do everything in his power to get people to like him. At tables, he's charming and the cougars eat it up. Several of the women servers quietly hold feelings for him.

The Sports Guy: Sports Guy's introduction to his table is asking them if they like sports. I don't know if that's a tactic to waiting tables or if he has nothing to talk about. He always talks about sports and nothing else. He knows sports stats, and if he feels compelled, he'll even talk to tables who aren't in his section.
Example: Sports Guy: Hey, you guys like sports?
Table: ...No.
Sports Guy: Well, Kobe Bryant is the best...

This is nowhere near complete, but the reader should get the idea that the restaurant is full of people larger than life.

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