Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day Twenty-Two.-The same nagging fears

So, I've been turned down for yet another internship.

The same whispering doubts I've had for the past year have come back for the time being. In five months, I'm going to have a Bachelor of Arts in English, but I'm worried it's not enough. I'm worried I'm going to be stuck waiting tables for the rest of my life. I'm worried that I won't be able to find an actual job. I'm worried I made a plethora of bad academic decisions. I'm worried that this is just the start of a myriad of rejections.

I'm tired of medocrity, but I keep getting pushed aside by potential employers. I'm worried that maybe I've reached a glass ceiling of sorts.

I want to acheive. I want an actual job, but potential employers won't give the opportunity. I hate when people underestimate me, because they have the preconceived notion that I'm set to fail.

My hero told me to never stop fighting. To always prove people wrong, but I'm just worried that maybe their right.

Tommorow's a new day and I'll continue looking, but for now, the Writer Revisor is a little sad.

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