Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day Fifteen.-The Crazies

There must be something about the holidays that causes people to go batshit insane. Maybe it's something in the water, or those damned candy canes are laced with poison. Regardless, I've run into more batshit crazy people in the last forty-eight hours.

Yesterday, I was at the gym doing my normal workout routine. I was lifting weights, when the gentleman next to me began moaning. I paused my music, and listened in shock. His moaning grew louder and sexual in nature to the point that he was asked to leave.

Yesterday at work, a fellow bartender told me of a lady who attempted to run out on her tab without paying. She thought she had it so planned out that she even had a getaway car waiting for her.

Today, I was pumping gas at a gas station. There were multiple pumping terminals open, but for some reason, this old man was jonesing for my spot. He kept his car running, frantically gesturing for me to fill up my car faster. The man never bothered to get out of his car. He merely pointed at me, and gestured for me to move. Hello? I gestured to the other open terminals, and I waved his off. Offended, he finally moved one terminal over. As he got out of his car and went inside to pay, I saw him flip me off in the reflection of another car. Happy holidays to you too sir.

People stop drinking the kool-aid! We can get through this freakin' holiday!

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