Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day Eighteen.-The Day of Wishes

Following the rules of Project 365, I'm here to post Day Eighteen, but I'm not going to talk about Christmas. I know this day will be largely unread, for it is fucking Christmas for Oprah's sake. So...I'll be whining a bit.

I wish for a lot of things, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. So often I wish for life to be different. For live to throw me a freaking bone every once and a while. I want to be done with school. I don't want to be a waiter anymore. I wish I was pretty. I wish I was more outgoing. I wish I was smarter, or smart enough to get into grad school at least.

I've never been "normal", and sometimes it's difficult to merely talk to people. I just wish I was like every other twenty-one year old girl, satisfied with going to parties rather than talking to a blog.

If I was remotely religious I would ask some higher power for an improvement in my quality of life. Because I'm not religious, I have to remind myself that I only have myself to rely upon. But whats difficult is always fighting.

My hero told me to never stop fighting for change, and as such; I may not be able to change everything, but I sure can come damn close.

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  1. you're insane sweetie! You are incredibly beautiful! Strikingly so! I wish I had your hair and your amazing freckles! When you smile your whole face lights up!

    I understand wishing, but don't ever wish to be someone else! I know you're not religious, but I'm religious enough for the both of us. You are so amazingly awesome, that God only created one of you! There's only one you in the galaxy, you are an endangered species! lol (to borrow from the song!). God created you for a purpose.

    This struggling stuff you're going through, it will all make sense and be worth it...I PROMISE! Never want to be anyone other than yourself! You are amazing! And, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

    I miss you!

    Ps. if you're bored, you can check out my blog, us writers gotta stick together!