Monday, June 21, 2010

The Burger From Hell...

Yesterday, a family sat themselves in my section. We weren't busy, so I figured I'd take the table. Within seconds, I knew it had been a terrible mistake. Upon arriving to the table, I wasn't even allowed the courtesy of finishing my introduction.

"Hey there! My name is,-"

"Yeah, uh, two Jack and Cokes. FAST. Hey look Ma, they have Chicken Fried Steak." [[[not exaggerating about the 'Ma'. Yes, the wife was called 'Ma' by her husband]]].

They quickly ushered me away, as I fetched their drinks. I returned, and took what turned out the be the most modified food order I'd ever taken as a server.

"No onion, no tomato, add horse-radish, add onion straws, make sure the burger is medium well. NOT well done. I don't want to add a piece of charcoal. Put the veggies is separate dishes..."-[[[And, well, you get the picture]]].

I took several minutes to double check I'd put in their order exactly as specified, and continued. When it came time for their food to be delivered, someone else had ended up running the food. I arrived to the table, met with seething stares.

"So how did everything turn out?" I asked, attempting to add some pep into my tone.

"How the hell do you think it turned out? Terrible!" He said, as bits of food splattered across the table.

He continued, "I mean how hard is it to cook a damn burger?? I mean Jesus Christ! I wouldn't feed this shit to my dog!"

In the end, they complained loud enough that they received a free meal to go (exact same order, you know, the one that was so disgusting in the first place), their whole meal was taken off, including liquor.

-sigh- I hate people sometimes.


  1. It's times like this when I'm not sure if I would really ever be psychologically sound enough to be a waiter.

    If I had been in the same situation as you, darling, I would have probably taken the glass of Jack and Coke and smashed it to pieces over his thick fucking skull. It's be the only use that it could have, in my opinion.

  2. In our restaurant, people who complain like that are shown the door. We don't give out free food, and especially not to a-holes.