Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Cast of Characters

To get a better perspective of my job, I figured it would be best to give the readers a better picture of my co-workers. The people I work with are loud, eccentric, and some of the best people I've had the pleasure of working with. No names are listed, but keep in mind, these people are very real.

The Quiet New Guy: He's just started waiting tables. Having never waited tables previously he's yet to come out of his shell (speculated serial killer).

The Pretty Boy: He's dashingly handsome and he knows it. Using this to his advantage, he has no problems with giving everyone around him attitude. He flirts with all of the female customers, and female servers to get a head.

The Pretty Girl: She's breathtakingly beautiful and she flirts with all of the males that walk in the door. She bats her eyelashes and men offer to help her with the simplest of tasks. On a Friday night, she can sucker hundreds of dollars worth of liquor from all of the male customers.

The Stereotypical 'Dumb' Guy: Not to be confused with the Pretty Boy. Dumb guy gets tips purely based on the fact he's just plain dumb. He holds a look of intense confusion on his face for a large majority of the service, and the definition of big words can keep him confused for hours.

The Over-Acheiver: He or She (for this role is not gender specific), is always a team player. They volunteer to close, pick up shifts, and they go out of their way to be a legendary server. They are always so excited to come to work (even early in the morning), and they're always a stickler for rules, structure and order. They're the managers best friend and closest line of communication (i.e. kiss-ass).

The Drunk: He or She (for this role is not gender specific), is always looking for the next party. They come to work hungover or still sometimes drunk. They're the first to be at the bar after work, and all of their tips go towards the next pint of beer. They always talk about the most 'epic' party you missed out on last night, and they reek of booze.

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  1. HAHAHA! I didn't know you worked with me. We have those same people at my restaurant.