Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Beer is Just a Name...

Several days ago, I was waiting on a young family. The husband wanted to order a specific, well known beer on draft. I had to regretfully explain to him that we didn't have that type of beer on tap, but we did have it in the bottle.

"What?" The man snapped, "How do you not have [insert name of well known beer]".

"Well sir," I said, "the keg is out for the rest of the evening, and we'll have that beer on draft tomorrow. But, you're than welcome to enjoy the same beer from the bottle. It's even the same price!"

The man's face turned a vivid shade of crimson, and his hands clenched in anger.

"That is unacceptable! We're leaving!" He snapped.

The family quickly hurried out of the restaurant in search of cafe that held his beverage of choice.

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