Monday, February 21, 2011

Corporate Grind. Part I

“Do you realize that if you choose to proceed any further, I can’t be held morally or legally responsible,” Stacy asked, her shockingly green eyes piercing through him. Walter felt himself shake, and he struggled to keep his tone steady. He’d never been so sure about anything in his life, before this moment. Walter ran his hands over her body, and her skin was electric to his touch.
“Yes,” he said, “I’m ready”.
Maybe I should look into Rogaine, Walter Legrange thought. He flattened his hair, combing the thin strains into rows. He adjusted his paisley tie, and frowned. It wouldn’t hurt to try, or maybe a new pair of glasses. Walter examined himself behind his thick frames, bitterly noting that women would never find him handsome. As a tired man of fifty his stomach bulged and flopped over his waistline, and he’d lost his hair years ago. He’d never been married and never had a girlfriend. All around him, people his age were married with children, and now becoming grandparents, while he begrudgingly stayed a perpetual bachelor.

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